Vinyl Frequently Asked Questions

Are your vinyl wall products removable?
Yes and it's easy to do. Our vinyl wall art works well for both renters and homeowners because they come off when you are ready for them to. To remove, get a grip on the corner of each letter using your fingernail or tweezers and gently pull off the lettering. If you've had the lettering on the wall for a long period of time, you can soften them up first by using a hair dryer.

What type of lettering is this?

These are pre-pasted, pre-spaced, individually cut letters that press on your wall or any flat surface. These are not decals with clear film or white areas around the letters, but rather individually cut letters that have been pre-spaced for you. The letters arrive on a sheet which adheres to your wall. After pressing the sheet to your wall, you pull it back and only the lettering remains. The letters are thin... equivalent to about 2-3 coats of paint, so they give you the look of hand-painted stenciling without the time and trouble. And they don't fade or crack.

What is vinyl lettering made from?

Many indoor and outdoor commercial signs are created with cut vinyl, a self-adhesive material that is cut to follow a graphic file. The type of vinyl used for our wall lettering is unique in that it is removable and easily conforms to the shape of the wall or object it's placed on — giving the appearance of paint. Our vinyl will not harm the surface and is available in :Matte Black, Gloss Black, Gloss White, Gloss Cherry Red, Gloss Brown, Gloss Burgundy, Gloss Sapphire Blue, Gloss Silver, Gloss Gray at this time.

What does "pre-spaced" mean? And can I place the lettering on multiple lines and places?

Pre-spaced means that we do all the positioning and spacing of the letters and words for you. The lettering arrives as a single roll of text which you can apply all at once, or you can cut the sheet of lettering in any increment you choose to make your quote 2 or more lines. You can even cut each word and place them in a creative layout. The possibilities are limitless.

Are there surfaces this type of lettering won't work for?

This type of lettering sticks to almost any smooth or lightly textured surface like painted walls, glass, mirrors, and smooth metal and wood. It will not stick to rough or uneven surfaces like cinder block, brick, porous aluminum, or stucco surfaces. Our products have been tested on general flat, semi-gloss and gloss paint with success. Because there are many types of surfaces for which the product can be applied, and all different types of paint, we can not guarantee the product will stick to your wall.
** Our lettering will not stick to 'Candlelight' paint finish by Ralph Lauren.** Not Recommended for use with with High Gloss Painted surfaces.** Knock Down Textured Walls may experience difficulty with decal edges.

Is the vinyl lettering reusable?

Usually not, once the lettering has been removed it will not apply to another surface. The vinyl is very thin, and removal usually deforms the shape of the letters. In the case of larger letters or shapes repositioning is possible.